Pass a draconian bill,
When peaceful protests happens, lathicharge, damage and almost
Then, divert the attention only on the damage of few vacant buses standing,
about which it is not even known who did it in reality?

The protests when reach nationwide then identify the homes, properties of muslims and shatter it to pieces.
The ones who were supposed to safeguard the people,
Yes, the police – is nothing but the tool to use to manipulate the narratives,
the power to use to oppress the sane voices.

How easy, it is for the system to pass the draconian bills, use the media for all the propaganda, the police for all the brutalities!

Booking the innocents on sedation charges and then treating them like criminals in pipeline.

How easy, isn’t it?

But you know what?

As I was finishing these lines with tears in my eyes,
The words again strike to my ears, saying AllahuAkbar as this is maghrib time.

AllahuAkbar, He is The Greatest, He knows all your evil filth and plots,
He is Al Mu’akhir – The Delayer, who delays things as per His wisdom, He gives respite even to the biggest oppressors.


Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel!

May He keep us firm and steadfast on His Deen.

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