Al – Mu’min – The Bestower of Faith, Ima’an, tranquility

One of the beautiful names of our Rabb is – 
Al – Mu’min – The Bestower of Faith, Ima’an, tranquility.
We are human beings and we are no robots, we are blessed with intellect and we have emotions as well. 

We as individuals live in a society and the society we Iive in, affects our life. 

Sometimes, it happens that the circumstances around us, the trials, the fear, the alienation of being strange to the majority of wrong concepts around us, the downs of life take our hearts, (about which is said that there is a lump of flesh in body, if it is sound everything is sound and if it is corrupt then the whole body is corrupt and verily it is heart) deep down the depth where it seems there is nothing but envelopes of darkness and despair. 

But He swt, Al Mumin, The Bestower of Faith, Ima’an and tranquility bestows His Mercy, Yaqeen and despite all odds, one again rises from the ashes with the spirit to ignite others too and this is something which is bestowed by Him only, The Provider of tranquility. 

He swt through His unique ways inspire His slaves to have yaqeen in His promises, in the unseen, the life after death, the resurrection, the reckoning, the rewards, the punishments, the heaven and the hell to believe in all this and keep striving despite all the “apparent” failures. 
SubhanAllahi wabihamdihi SubhanAllahil Azeem.

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