Aftab and Shradha case

As per the News – Aftab kept the body in the same room overnight, and then went to buy a knife and fridge the next day,” an officer told NDTV. Police have corroborated the events with statements from shopkeepers.

Aftab is alleged to have chopped up the body of Shradha (who was his live in relationship partner) into 35 pieces, kept them in a fridge, and then dumped them in a jungle nearby over the next 18 days.

The story unraveled over the past month after Shraddha Walkar’s parents — who hadn’t spoken to her in a year as they didn’t approve of her inter-faith (Hindu-Muslim) relationship — went to the police in Vasai in Maharashtra, their hometown near Mumbai, after some friends told him she’d been out of touch for months.

Comment – Just because his name was Aftab, Islamophobic media got the license to malign Islam and fuel their “love jihad” narrative further.

First of all, in Islam there is nothing like “love jihad”

Islam even commands born muslims to believe in Allah’s existence rationally, and once believed then submit to His commands wholeheartedly, one from among those commands doesn’t allow mixing with na’mehram (opposite sex genders) unnecessarily. Islam has commanded to lowering the gaze, and not to even go near to fahaish (immodesty). Narratives like “love jihad” is coined by malicious media and has no roots in Islam.

Institution of marriage is what Islam believes in, and not such liberal ideologically bounded filthy concepts like “live in relationships” which is nothing but total exploitation, especially of women.

Even if his name was Aftab, he was a product of liberal, secular ideology, it is known now from his social media accounts that he was into wishing and celebrating polytheistic rituals, lgbtq2s++, and was into filth like live in relationships.

SubhanAllah! What I found remarkable in this was the fact that how this concept of freedom and liberalism has exploited all. Shradha, the victim rebelled against her own family, thinking she is “free” to pusue her own perverted choices like live in relationships, needless to say Aftab has chosen “freedom” to take his own destructive route to go against Allah’s swt boundaries, he did zina (fornication) and then murder.

What is remarkable that as per news, Aftab and Sharadha used to fight on paying the bills, accusations on cheating each other, and Shradha wanted to get married to him.

SubhanAllah! Even people living liberal life abhors cheating. Somewhere Shradha wanted a commitment in the form of marriage, which is not present in live in relationships, as one can move out comparatively freely when the lust is over, leaving many women in pregnancies as well, which they then abort (again in the name of freedom of choice),
again an oppression upon oppression all from this liberal mindsets!

Free, liberal beliefs has caused hyper individualistic, hyper- sexualised society which has literally objectified everything and everyone.

As per news, their quarrel was also on paying the bills.
SubhanAllah! Islam has an institution of marriage which clearly defines the gender roles. Marriage is based on consciousness of Allah swt pertaining to each other’s right, and based on rehmah (mercy). The parable given in Holy Quran is “like a garment”, like a garment protect us, we are commanded to protect, care, give comfort and conceal the faults of each other.
Even if there happens serious issues in compatibility or other serious, inevitable issues then divorce is permitted.

The brutality which Aftab carried out by murdering Shradha, again goes back to the ignorance which people are living their life in, deceiving themselves that they are free to do whatever they want and they can use their influence (another big loophole in the justice domain), and even if they are picked up, they will be released as perverted morons are even garlanded on being released!

Also highlighting the fact that such “liberal, free to do anything mindest people” believe there is no accountability or judgement hereafter.

AND, important to mention is the point that the exploitative live in relationship concept is constitutionally correct as per the law.

Though Aftab was totally violating all of Allah’s set limits and was doing exactly opposite of Islam, but because his name is Aftab, so the whole community will be attacked, and this not only highlights the Islamophobic media but also the fact that no matter how much you assimilate into them and into their filthy ideology, and even if you are one among them completely, but if your name is otherwise then they will drag your very name to malign the whole community and apply their agenda.

May Allah Al Hafeez protect us all and make things easy for the reverted ones as well, who are also suffering a lot because of all these evil agendas. Ameen.

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