Al Muhaymin – The Protector

One of the beautiful names of our Rabb is –

Al Muhaymin – The Protector.

 He is The One, who out of His love has taught us to seek protection in Him, The One and Only – The All Knower from the whispers of Shaitan, the chief deceiver.

He is The One, who has taught us to ask for siratal mustaqeem, the way that is straight and is laid by Him through stories, and inspirations in His kalaam, the Quran which is the Furqa’an, the criteria to judge between right and wrong, in order to protect us from the glittering mirages of this temporary dunya which appears satisfyingly beautiful but cannot quench the thirst of the traveller in the middle of the hot desert.
He is The One who  knows what is good and what is bad. He is The One whose wisdom is beyond limited and confined cerebrums and He is The Only One who knows what bad is trailing behind in things we love most and desire utmost and what good is disguised behind what appears to us as something we dislike most or desire not.
He knows and we know not.
All praise belongs to Him, Al Muhaymin, Who protect us in ways which are unique and extraordinary.

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