On a casual walk, I found these wooden pillars. They were quite intriguing for me, as they somewhere reminded me of the 5pillars of Islam – Shahadah, salah, zakat, saum and hajj. We often hear about pillars of Islam, and we think it is ALL that is required. But what we often forget is that these are pillars upon which the entire building rests. Therefore, the building, the entire structure is missing out if we are confined only with pillars. Even a refugee won’t live in a building which has only pillars and no roof and walls, and here we are content only with the pillars, without realizing that Islam is a complete building resting on 5 pillars. When the building is missing, the structure in itself is missing, then obviously there is no justice systematically, no peace, no protection and no establishment of the ahkaam on all levels. This is the saddening state we are in today, not a piece of land, including Muslim majority lands, is ruling by what Allah has revealed, and innumerable many are content with the pillars, that atleast we have the pillars. Also, we forget the first pillar kalimah shahadah actually leads to the establishment of the entire structure of building of Islam, the first kalimah starts with the negation of all forms of taghoot (false gods, idols, false systems, ideologies) compelling one to work for re-establishment of the entire structure if it is missing out.

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