Reflections on bamboo

SubhanAllah! Recently, we got a miniature version of Bamboo. But the moment this beautiful plant was kept on the table, I knew it had a reflection for me to ponder upon.

Alhamdulillah! Allah Al-Khaaliq has created beautiful signs all around us. So, in short, I did a bit of research on Bamboo and realised that even though Bamboos are low maintenance, but then too they require the basics – proper water, fertile soil, and sunshine. But you will not find any apparent growth in the first year, second, third or even fourth, but in the fifth year it will start to grow, and in few weeks the growth will be to unprecedented levels, like in some cases, it can be as high as 46 metres.

SubhanAllah! Sometimes, we think growth is not happening just because we can’t see it happening vertically, but in reality horizontal growth in the form of roots, deep down in the soil is also a growth, as it is the growth happening on foundation level. Similarly, those who are working for the revival of ummah should never grieve, thinking that no apparent results have been achieved.

I realised that even if bamboos are low maintenance, but then too they require proper sunlight, water and fertile soil, and these should be provided. Same goes for the dream of the upliftment of the ummah, we need to always provide the basic exposure of clash of thoughts to the ummah, provoking it to think deeply; the basic requirements should be provided for the nourishment of its growth.

Bamboos are rigid, but hollow from inside, we too should be firm on the right thing, but we should also empty ourselves from all pre-conceived notions before listening to the new concepts and perspectives or differing styles.

And the most important reflection – We should always believe in the project we are doing, despite no growth for years, we should always believe that one day, it will rise high like bamboo.

From my personal experiences, I have closely witnessed that seeing so much turmoil, people often turn themselves into activism, and the issue with hasty activism is that if instant results are not achieved then people fall into despair, but if you turn yourselves into activists who are actually enlightened in their thinking which translates them into revivalists, then the apparent results will not make you fall into despair, you know you are watering the bamboo.

Lastly! I would like to mention the bamboo on my table is called the “lucky bamboo” it is also called friendship bamboo, and the bamboo which brings prosperity. Well! obviously we as believers don’t believe in these types of myths. We know no plant or animal can bring it, it is a blessing from Allah Al-Wahaab, and it is something which we should strive for. The definition of prosperity is very different in His sight and in people’s sight.
For Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى, the prosperity is to gain His pleasure, and be successful in hereafter, for people the prosperity is only big cars, big houses, lots of dollars. The gap is big, we need to see whose definition is on our grip.

Be like bamboos, firm (on right things) yet flexible (on unlearning and learning, and always growing even if it is hidden, deep down.

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