Let’s do a bit of reverse engineering

Let’s do a bit of reverse engineering.
Let’s start with one of the questions asked in the grave.

So that we can live our life as per the introspection.

It is part of Allah Ar-Raheem’s immense mercy that the exam questions are out – One of the questions that will be asked will be – “Maa deenuka?”

Which translates as “What is your Deen?”

We think we know the answer?

Islam as a deen is no where present in the world, we are not living it, we are not breathing it.

How will we answer this? Perhaps, the only excuse might be if we are among those who are trying to re-establish it.

Like for instance, if you are making wudu but you die before offering fardh, you will be counted as the one who was in the process of offering the fardh.

Similarly! if we die before Allah’s deen is implemented as many sahaba/sahabiyat (r.a) were martyred or died before they could witness the implementation of Islam as complete deen, then too they all will be counted inshaAllah as the ones whose true deen was Islam.

But What about us?
Neither we are living in the deen of Islam, nor we are in the process to implement it.

…And we think we have memorised the answer, and will answer it! Even though we have not yet understood the meaning of the term deen used in Holy Quran.

It is quite scary. Isn’t it?

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