Who is Your Best, Protective Friend?


Meaning – The Protective Friend.

We all desire a friend in our life with whom we can share our concerns, anxieties and the one with whom we don’t have to think before sharing our thoughts, the one who listens, understands and provides a solution to the problem. A friend that is always near and is always responsive. A friend who protects and directs.

Allah Al Waliyy says –

“He is the One Who sends down rain after people have given up hope, spreading out His mercy. He is the Guardian, the Praiseworthy.”
(Holy Qur’an, 42:28)

There are times when we lose hope and are on the verge of despair, but then Allah Al Waliyy pours out His mercy as He sends down the rain to the dried and barren land and revives it again.

We need to have trust in Allah Al Waliyy – The Protective Friend, The One who knows everything but loves to listen to our worries.

We should glorify our Rabb with this beautiful attribute so that we can remind ourselves that no matter how sad, heartbroken or lonely we might feel but the fact is that Allah our Rabb, The Protective Friend is near to us more than our life (jugular) vein. –

“and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein.”
(Holy Qur’an, 50:16)

and this will make us feel content and optimistic again even when we will be dragged down into the pits of lows and despair by the apparent surrounding around us.

Imagine! Having Allah subhaana hu wa ta’aala as our Waliyy everywhere even when we are inside our graves, gone and forgotten by the people above the earth –

“… and He is with you wherever you are.”
(Holy Qur’an, 57:04).

We should try our best to become friends of Allah Al Waliyy, and for that we need to follow His commands and stop from what He subhanahu wa ta’aala has prohibited and do voluntarily good deeds (nawafil) so that we can earn His pleasure.
Alhamdulillah! Even the thought of being in the category of Allah’s friend is so amazingly beautiful.

“Surely the friends of Allah shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
(Holy Qur’an, 10:62).

No fear shall come upon them from the horrors of the hereafter. Nor shall they grieve that they didn’t fulfill their purpose of living.
They will have tranquillity from Allah Al Waliyy.

“Allah is the protecting friend of those who believe, He takes them out of darkness into light.”
(Holy Qur’an, 2: 257)

We often think that we are not capable of being His friend but we can clearly see Allah Al Waliyy says that He is The Protecting Friend of the believers and He brings them from darkness to light. Alhamdulillah.

“Whoever takes a Wali of Mine as an enemy, I will wage war on him.”
(Hadith Qudsi, Al-Bukhari)

Imagine! Being a friend of The Protective Friend, Who is All Powerful, All Seeing, Who knows who is our enemy and Allah Al Waliyy waging war against him, isn’t it marvellous?

Allahu Akbar!

O our Rabb, Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala, bless us with the honour of You being our Al Waliyy.


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