When he cried to his Lord

إِذْ نَادَىٰ رَبَّهُۥ نِدَآءً خَفِيًّا

When he called (cried) to his Lord secretly (in private supplication)

It is an ayat from surah Maryam, it is about Zakkariyya a.s, who cried to Allah swt secretly and asked for the blessed progeny

I found it beyond words to express how incredible it is that a dua which was made in secret, privately to Him alone, is mentioned by Him in His Kalaam so that we can learn from it

SubhanAllah! I found it beautiful that Allah swt has mentioned that secret dua to all of us, as
a sign of His Mercy,
He swt loves to hear the supplications,
He swt loves to hear the cries full of tears,
the tears are special in His court, they are not mocked or misunderstood or belittled in His sight at all

He loves to hear, though He knows it all, even if we don’t express it at all, He knows it, but He loves to hear from us, from our supplications, from our cries secretly made to Him

I love the way, Zakkariyya a.s put forwarded his concerns to Allah swt, and the gladtidings he got that his duas are answered, I love and admire the way he didn’t feel shy in asking the questions he was dwindling with like “how? when I am too old and my wife barren, how will it be?” (read the next ayah for reference), I just love this beautiful part, he had his queries, concerns and he asked them to Him, like a best friend without any hesitation to ask.

To you my dear.
Make dua, pleas to Him.
Ask, ask even the weirdest questions to Him directly.
Even put forward your confusions, weirdest thoughts and concerns to Him directly,
Don’t make a barrier in front of Him and you,
He is Al Wali, The Most Protective Friend.
He is Al Mujeeb, The responder of duas and pleas.
Ask, He will answer, He has His own ways to answer and respond.

SubhanAllahi wabihamdihi

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