Palestine : What to do in situations like these?

When words are frozen, the pen seems dried, when the situation is such that it feels like –
What to write?
Why to write?
Will it make any difference even a bit, left and right?
When the despair is overwhelming, with sleepless nights,
when the whole body can’t rest seeing the organ to be in plight.
What to do in situations like these, ask the grieving eyes?

When the occupiers after occupying the land illegally have built easily a public narrative blatantly, through state institutions like media which have created the illusion of deceiving the masses into believing that the oppressed is an oppressor who needs to be eliminated!!!

What to do in situations like these?

The cries of the women, children, men, old, young all fall on deaf ears who believe there is no aakhirah, no accountability.

The so-called humanitarian, activists, feminists who were even cutting their hair in solidarity back then on hijab row, are all silent in this as if taken a vow.
This shows their munafaqat (hypocrisy) in a row.

Well! The so called muslim countries do only rheotrics, mere words, they don’t defend the oppressed despite their resources, rich means in their disposal.

Indeed! They themselves have crossed the line by not aiding the oppressed despite their istitaa’at (capabilities), and might!

Scattered Sheeps without a Shepherd are of no use, they are fragmented, divided and mesmerized by the trap of the wolves!

The general ummah is very much in pain, they FEEL it, they want to RELIEVE it, they are doing almost everything from long sujood, hefty donations, prostrations in tahajjud, qunoot in mosques to protests, but they see the results to no avail.

So, what to do in times like these?

SubhanAllah! These are the times when we realise the gravity of the truth how these 55 plus so called muslim countries are actually nothing but filth, ruling by zaalimoon (oppressors).
The general masses in ummah are sincere but the single, righteous leadership is absent, the shield (behind which we can protect ourselves, and defend our honour) is missing, and the vulnerability, consequences we have clearly seen!!!

The blood of a believer is more sacred than Holy Kaaba, but the blood has become so cheap that no one is ready to defend it even a bit!

What to do in situations like these?

We know Allah tests people with hardships and ease,
their test is of hardships, and ours is of ease, as to what we are doing to relieve the pain of the oppressed beings?

When we feel the pain, we should try to relieve it by diagnosing the cause of the problem, and not by focusing on just mere symptoms.

We need to think –
Just duas, protests, charity?
OR working for the re-establishment of the mukammal deen as well in muslim lands, as a system which will bring humankind (not only muslims but all) from zulumaat (darkness) to light (noor).
It will deliver justice to mankind, irrespective of their faith, caste, colour or creed.

Remember, this is the place which was liberated under second caliph Umar (r.a), and the peace treaty by Umar (r.a) made all non muslims to live in justice, and tranquillity there.

SubhanAllah! The land of serenity is now the land of sorrow and grief, as it is being ruled by the zionists.

We make dua to the Lord of the worlds – To bless us with the one righteous leader who can lead, protect and guide us to the ways of justice and peace.

We pray to Allah Al-Qawiyy (The Source of strength) to strengthen our hearts, our pen, our words and our capabilities.

So, in times like these, we need to channelise our grief, despair, angst into the right direction, rather than being frozen, deprived or depressed.

Verily! Allah is Al-‘Aleem (The All Knowing), and He is not unaware of any wrong or evil.

He is Allah – Al ‘Adl (The Most Just) Who Himself is
Ash-Shaheed (The Witness).
He is witnessing both –
the martyrs, and the morons.
The struggling, and the spectators.

So, even if we see our words are not making an immediate impact, our efforts seems futile apparently, we need to understand that we are doing for His pleasure, so that we can show our faces to Allah Al-Azeem with some ghayrah.

Like the people of Sabbath- there were three groups of them.
One was doing the evil, other was against evil but was just being a mute spectator,
but the third one was the one who was doing amar bil maa’roof and nahi ‘anil munkar,
knowing that even if it will go on deaf ears then too!!!
They will have the valid excuse,
to stand with honour infront of Allah Al-Ghafoor.

We need to be vocal,
if we see munkar,
we need to criticize not only the actions, but also the inactions!

May all the occupied lands be free from filth, and be replaced with justice and peace.
Hasbunallaahu wa ni’mal Wakeel!

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