Watered Down

Their leaves died, because they were watered down!

SubhanAllah! The death of some of the succulent leaves triggered me to the connotation behind the term “watered down.” Although I used this term in its context literally, but we know it is used in a context otherwise as well.

The term, “watered down” is often used in terms of Islam when people try to adulterate haqq with baatil, watering it down, thinking it will apeal to the masses and people will embrace Islam. The intention is good, but the action is evil.

Yes! There is a hadith that deeds are judged by intentions, but those intentions should be halal. For instance, if I am visiting a sick, so am I visiting them so that they will also visit me when I will be sick, or whether I am visiting so that Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى will be well pleased with me? This is the case in which intention matters, but it is not the case at all that one performs an evil deed thinking that intention is good, like for example one cannot steal by saying bismillah and thinking that after stealing that individual will distribute the money to the poor. Even though that person starts the act in the name of Allah, even though his intentions are good to help the poor, but the action itself is an evil, haraam one, and we know the principle of fiqh that end does not justify the means/
To do something halal/permissible the means should also be permissible/halal.

And intention matters when it comes to doing things that are halal as whether we are doing it for Al-Khaaliq or the makhlooq, for the creator or the creations?

A historical incident that demonstrates the dangers of falling into this trap is what happened with Bani Israel. St. Paul was one of the disciple (follower, student) of the Prophet Isa (alayhi as salaam). During his time, the Romans were not leaving their pagan beliefs and not accepting Christianity, as they used to find it as a strict code of dos and don’ts, and they also used to persecute those who used to practise Christianity. So St. Paul intended and thought to make Christianity simpler and ‘relevant’ for them, and he watered down the message of Prophet Isa (a.s.) to only individual levels by saying that if Isa (a.s) is in the heart then this is the only thing required, and until this is satisfied then one can also disobey some rules of Christianity. The consequence – The whole Roman became Christian. The intention of St. Paul was good to convert Romans from pagan beliefs to Christianity, the result was also “successful, good,” the whole empire accepted Christianity, but SubhanAllah, we know that he watered down the original message, and it became corrupted, and following that corrupted message led to dark ages in Europe (even though the ages should have been golden ones, as the law at the end of the day was from Allah).

To water the plants is good, pre-requisite for life, but to water them down will only lead them them into dark death.
Similarly! to water (quench) the thirst/search of a soul in search of truth is good, but to water down the message to appease them will eventually bring the dark fall, and then death even if the intentions are good beneath!

May Allah Al Haadi rectify our affairs. Ameen.

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