The shade and the slope

SubhanAllah! We all know black ice is quite slippery, and prone to accidents. The walkways were quite slippery due to snowfall but what is intriguing is the fact that under the trees the path was not very slippery enough, may be because the tree holds some of the snow from directly falling onto the ground, and when the temperature reaches in positive then snow on trees melt and drops down in the form of water.

What is interesting is the fact that the tree was leafless then too it was able to shade and protect to an extent.

Alhamdulillah! Islam is a complete system, a complete deen, the shade of Islam is not present anywhere right now on earth to save us from a lot of vulnerable steepy, and slippery slopes. Islam when implemented, as a deen on whole levels, has institutions to keep in check the tarbiyyah, taqwa of the people through state machinery.

Having a complete social system based on Islam, which will protect the dignity of men and women, children without any objectification, and by protecting them by providing shade to avoid the slippery path to the sins. The complete systems like economic system and judiciary which will ensure that wealth is not monopolized, and capitalised among the only few leaving the innumerable many on the poor side, and vulnerable to slippery slopes of committing crimes.

The point is even if this tree is leafless then too the protection is there from the slippery slopes.

May Allah Al- Ma’ani -The Shielder bless the muslim lands, and shield us with the blessed, and beautiful shade of Islam full of branches with even its leaves.


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