The recent controversy in JMI

Interesting, is this concept freedom of speech and expression!

One side does it, it is all welcomed!
The other side is always intolerant and “almost the violent ones” even if they tried peaceful means!

One side, when practise it, it is all for liberation and feminism.

The other side is always viewed as patriarchy!

It is indeed interesting!

Well! No denying the fact that universities should be allowed to have a space where free flow of ideas should be exchanged and I believe JMI is one among them.

No one *compels* anyone to adopt a particular set of things, though preaching (inviting) had been in practise by many, inside the premises.

No doubt! Any form of violent activities or threatenings should be condemned irrespective of the perpetrators.

As per the scroll, the protesters tried to threaten, as per the protestors it is all lies and deceits and they were peaceful in their approaches to stop the fashion show inside the premises.

Well! Jamia offers courses and programs where one freely studies and do their researches on various topics which can be seen otherwise as anti Islamic, somewhere along the lines.

But no one has raised their eyebrows upon it as everyone knows that it is all about seeking knowledge and knowledge is essential part of the idea of university and is encouraged well by Islam as well, even if it means reading the other divergent side.

Now, coming back to point!

It is often said that Bollywood films reflect Indian society because the masses can identify with them and relate with them and it gives them a message which otherwise was left unexplored. However, some experts say they simply depict people’s desired version of reality.

But it is interesting to see that Bollywood often comes up with movies which reflects social reality, like for eg – Taare zameen par, 3 idiots, and the movie FASHION by Director Madhur Bhandarkar, where it is shown that small-town girl Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) sets out to fulfill her dream of being a glamourous supermodel.
But she discovered the corrupt world of haute couture!

Even the film FASHION has highlighted the reality of the dark side of the exploitation of women bodies through this otherwise looking glamourous industry.

Now, coming back to the point!

True, The free flow of exchange of ideas should always happen in university, it broadens the spectrum and makes one to think out of the box but to label every opposing voice as patriarchal is not good and wise either.

One should analyse what’s being stopped and what it will cause in larger context with its impact!

We live in society and it is indeed very selfish to see things only in perspective of individualism.
Interestingly! Those who promote individualism, themselves, are highly dependent upon society for its need.
Ever wondered that why the worse form of punishment is often considered as solitary confinement?

We, as individuals live in a society and we are highly dependent upon it for our needs and existence and as individuals we should contribute to its welfare as well.

We live in a society and things should be seen on a larger level.

It has been a long time, women has themselves exploited their bodies in the hands of capitalists where they make huge money by exploiting them in every bits and pieces and interestingly everything happens in the name of freedom and liberation!

Don’t be so free that you cannot align yourself to determine what is in your favour and what is not!

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