The harassment on hajj

Came across the news that women have recently been speaking out about their experiences with sexual harassment while carrying out tawaf around the Kaaba during their pilgrimage.
It all started when Pakistani
Sabica Khan shared a heartfelt Facebook post in which she detailed being harassed while performing tawaf, after which women began sharing their own encounters with sexual harassment.

Well! Sexual harassment be it at any place or whoever the victim is, irrespective of the gender must be highly disturbing, but the stress and strain one may feel at holy site must be really convulsing and collapsing even to the extent that it may shake your faith.

I know,
one may argue that may be because there is huge crowd while doing tawaf around Kaaba, the probability is very high that one may get touched or rubbed unintentionally because of the surplus pressure from behind and beside.

Yes, true. But to brush all the testimonies by sisters under the same benefit of doubt cloak will not be just and wise.

Let’s accept the fact that even there, in the holy site, happens these sort of sad incidents.

What we need to understand is that all those who are coming to perform it are not the ones who are unadulterated in their thoughts.

When we can see people going to perform hajj with all sorts of haraam kamaayi, then why do we think that people who are there are all God conscious people (mutaqqioon)?

You may even find the sad cases there where the wallet or mobile is stolen.

So, expect evil even there.
Now, what’s the purpose behind my jotting this post.

Let me be more clear.

Yes, the huge overwhelming crowd’s pressure may be the reason that one gets touched and it may be taken on the receiving end as an assault, true that.

But let’s accept that as well, it may happen and the probability is high that assaults there too happens.

Let’s not think that sisters who are raising this issue has raised something which should not be highlighted as it will bring some negative light.
No. It won’t. But if we will suppress being their support, in whatever way we can afford and make them feel guilty of their voices then yes surely it may bring us accountable in His sight.

To the victims, I will only say – May Allah swt make things easy for you and may this evil episode of your pilgrimage makes you not divert away from the faith in Him, Shaitan is with us all and he may deceive us with his tactics that what’s the point when you are not safe even there while worshipping Him?

My dear sisters,
As I have mentioned that people even with haraam earnings go there and perform hajj and its rituals and they continue that (haraam) even after their coming back from hajj.
So, everyone going there doesn’t mean their hajj is accepted.

Don’t we pray for each other that may Allah swt accept it from you, your hajj.

So, let’s not have a picture envisaged in our mind that if we are going to a holy site, then all will be pure and nothing indecent will go otherwise.

May Allah swt make us all steadfast upon His Deen, and may we tackle our issues well.

May we understand that He is Al Aleem – The All Knowing, and He is As Shaheed – The Witness, and He is Al Adl – The Just.

So, have faith, and keep striving.

May He swt bless us all as well to perform Hajj, the way accepted well in His sight.

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  1. Yes its true shaitan play his tactics to make us not to.perform farz of our deen. Allah is Al-Wali ( the Portecting friend) all those women going for hajj must be always with their Mahrams as ordained by the Almighty Allah and seek the Portection of Him. Please my dear sisters read Ayatul Kursi while performing tawaf or such type of acts where u are vunerables to attacks weather sexual in nature or not. I have heard a lot of incidence, that there are 100 percent possible chances of attacks and while reading this verse of surah Baqrah the reciter remains safe. But never ever deviate from performing hajj or any other such type of obligations of Islam.

    Remember we are from such Ummah wherein it is hard to be a Muslim but the reward is unlimited as compared to other Ummah. Who are not performing Faradh Namaz please .perform it who are performing guide others to correct their namaz and those who are not performing.please .perform it.

    Shaitan is very clever as he has seen various Ummah, n knows a lot of tactics we.must fail his evil desires.

    And those who are involve in these henious acts. May Almighty Allah forgive them and guide them. And those who could do it while performing hajj- Please .please.please have taqwah. Allah knows all and He is Ash Shahid. Please avoid such acts and make others realize that Islam is that religion which never ever allow to harm women of other religion in wars.

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