The gradations

It is His earth and it His wisdom, He gives to those who obey Him and to those who obey Him not, His bounties are for all. Some are bestowed more as compared to others BUT this doesn’t mean that they are blessings, it can be trials as well for them, and even if they are blessings then too the ranks in hereafter is more worthy in His sight, as we can even see in case of many pious ones, how they were not given bounties like wealth and other allurements. His earth, He knows best!

Having said that all, The comparison of bounties on some more in gradation and on some less should not be taken in the sense that those few who are highly rich it is because they are blessed such, no.
Instead, they have hoarded much (which is against His commands) and sadly has let the wide gap of rich and poor bigger and bigger.

We pray to Him, that may He bless us in both the worlds and may His bounties may become the source for us to attain His good will. Ameen.

Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanata wa fil ‘akhirati hasanata.

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