The Footprints

SubhanAllah! My elder son has to go out early in the morning and it was all snow, and when he walked there were his footprints on the snow, and later my younger one also left, but I saw he was trying to put his steps on the footprints his elder brother has made. SubhanAllah! Made me realise that how the younger ones follow the legacy, the footprints the elder ones are leaving behind.
While I am jotting this down, I remember, few days back, my elder one asked the younger one why did he offer salah in sitting state? The younger one replied, “he has a shara’i uzur (shari reason) for it as he got hurt while playing.”
SubhanAllah! Shara’i uzur is the term he has heard from his elders cited. There are innumerable things which are not taught deliberately but the younger ones follow the footprints, once they give the intellectual leadership.

May Allah Al Haadi – The Best to Guide guide us to leave the beautiful footprints for the later ones to follow. Ameen ❤️

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