Take care

Often we get stuck in overthinking about the future.

Often we get stuck in thinking about the past that we made this decision bad and that decision bad, rather than taking lessons from it, we just think and regret over it deeply, without even realising that this turns the *present we have* in *another unproductive past*.

Shaitan says, I will distract mankind from their front and from their behind.

When it comes to front we get stuck in overthinking about the future and when it comes to back it is about the past.

Learn the lessons from past and plan the future in the present without overthinking too much and regretting too much.

Be smarter than shaitan.

Be at peace with yourself. Your body and mind needs peace, apse apke jism ke baare mein sawaal kiya jaayega, ye Allah swt ki amanat hai, dhyaan rakhiye apna. Take care.

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