Some points related to Babri Masjid’s verdict

It was very heartbreaking, but at the same time it was something upon which we are not amazed at all, as this type of verdict was very much expected from them!

Here are the main points I want to cover in brief.

– It is saddening that those who are expressing their dissatisfaction over the verdict are expressing it by saying that it is their “constitutional right and right to freedom to respect the verdict but at the same time they can be dissatisfied with it.”
I mean how saddening it is that Muslims have reached such a low state that even if they are expressing their sadness they are expressing that it is “allowed” for them to carry this emotion “as per the framework of the system”, as if this country abides and runs everything by “just laws.”

Second point- The appeal which was made again and again, especially to Muslims by Muslims themselves to maintain “peace” was *weird,* as if muslims will retaliate? Muslims are so weak and oppressed that they cannot even defend themselves from the mob lynchings happening every now and then!

I appreciate that some Muslim organizations are rejecting to take that 5 acres land somewhere else in Ayodhya, as the justice was supposed to be delivered on the land where the masjid was demolished (to even expect justice from unjust is naive).

Khairat nahi chahiye, insaaf chahiye tha jiski ummeed inse kabhi nahi hai!

I wonder what if the masjid was not demolished in 1992 and there would have been a masjid there, had they still given the land to hindus?
The point is – the ones who have demolished the masjid, have been awarded by the institution, giving to them what they wanted to occupy by force just because of their being in “majority and their astha” involved in it!

– Faisla suna dena aur Insaaf karne mein bada farq hota hai!

Last point is for all those Muslims (though I know that their intentions are good behind it in saying it) that “first fill the nearby masjid as they are empty to avoid another Babri”, then to them my message is – I appreciate your love for Masjid، and it is right that one should fill them BUT you should understand that Babri masjid is not demolished because the prayers were not happening there. Masjid al Aqsa is the biggest example that how much sincerely Muslims go and pray there in large numbers, but what they get in return most of the times are attacks in different forms by the tyrants there, and the blessed masjid is still under occupation.

So, it is not the matter that people are not praying there in “large numbers,” so our Masajid are getting locked or demolished. One has to understand that these are matters which are being handled on political levels to harvest selfish benefits from it. It is good that Muslims are introspecting themselves, but to take the whole blame on ourselves that “we are not filling them till last row is the reason for their demolition”, is actually pushing yourselves to an extreme extent of victim blaming which in itself is another zulm, as the clear picture is getting blurred here.

One should be balanced in their approach, it is highly appreciated to introspect ourselves and our shortcomings, and it is obviously highly recommended to fill the Masajid, but their demolition should not be considered as the entire flaw upon the ones who are not praying in their nearby Masjid! The oppressed should not oppress themselves by taking ALL the blame upon themselves and ignoring the evil side of the oppressors.

If you really want to know what our fault is, then the only fault is we have reduced Islam to only a religion, a set of few rituals and have not understood the seerah of RasoolAllah sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam, who was sent as a mercy for all, the uswatun hasanah, the carrier of justice with such a system and principles that clearly taught us that it is a mukammal Deen e hayaat!

May Allah swt make things easy for us. The times we are living are quite hard as the enemies have tested the waters well; even our own so called Muslim rulers are not Islamic in rulings and justice, and are not standing for the oppressed screams. The enemies have seen clearly in recent case of Uyghur and Burma and upon other mazloom worldwide, in fact the tyrants are being awarded by the so called muslim rulers with honorary medals and laqab like “badey bhai.” Had Muslim countries been ruling by Islam then from Al Aqsa to Babri would not have been in the state they are in!

May Allah SWT rectify our sad affairs and liberate our Masajid, lands and the oppressed people worldwide. Ameen ya Rabbal alaameen.

I want to end on this – always remember, the beautiful names of Allah SWT – Ash Shaheed – The Witness, He is The Witness of EVERYTHING, and He is Al ‘Adl- The Most Just!
He is Al -Muakhkhir, The Delayer, and He delays many things as part of His mercy, wisdom, tests and respite, so we should not despair.

O’ our Lord! If you have chosen us to dwell on this earth while we are in such darkness then make us the embodiment of hope and light.

Hasbunallahu Wa ni’mal Wakeel!

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