Small gesture of care

Was going to throw this waste then I thought to share the little khair before its disposal. Ideally, we should have different bags for different waste, for recycle and non recycle ones and a proper waste management system but atleast on our individual part we should try to make a different bag to throw away the waste sharp objects and better if it should be wrapped in few newspaper sheets as well, this should be informed to the one who comes to collect the garbage at our doorstep *before* handing this bag to him/her about broken, discarded sharp objects inside so that they may not get hurt while sorting out the waste materials by their hands. These are very little gestures of care but living a life occupied by many things, we often get deviated even practising these small things.
Never underestimate the power of small deeds, who knows they may become a zariya of our zikr in His sight 😊

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