As per one of the tafseer sabr is –

‘Sabr’ (roughly translated as ‘patience’ for want of an exact equivalent) takes three forms:

  1. Patience with Duties: It means that everything commanded by Almighty Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) must be obediently pursued, no matter how burdensome the adherence to them may appear to be. The aim is to keep one’s self almost riveted to carry out injunctions despite hindrances.
  2. Patience against Sins: It means holding the desiring self back from whatever has been prohibited by Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), no matter how desirable and appealing it may be.
  3. Patience in Distress: It means enduring in hardship and forbearing in pain and avoiding excessive anxiety. Such patience requires that all pain and comfort be taken to have come from Allah and from this realization comes the strength to keep one’s self under control.

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