Reflections on my first snow

There is something very inspirational about Allah’s beautiful creation – Snow! Everything is covered with white layers of snow and looks similar in colour, though everything has different colours beneath the snow claddings!

Seeing snow it feels like serene and peaceful, but it also gives a feeling of no life, as if everything is dead around, the trees are devoid of their leaves, covered with multiple layers of snow. And if you have come from a hot country then life seems on a halt and cold, I remember while I took my hands out from my gloves to capture this beautiful image, my hand felt cold to such level that it felt like I am losing the sensation in it, like numb and dead, it was minus nine then.

Alhamdulillah, Even in the alternation of seasons we have lessons to harvest, depends upon us, either we mourn the stagnant lifestyle because of snow or we cherish this season as well as His amazingly beautiful creation and relish the serenity in it too, and reflect upon the good.

We know that Alhamdulillah, Allah is Al Hayy – The Giver of life, He (swt) gives life to all apparent dead trees and grass again when the right time strikes.

It is all about our perspective, how we see things and how we harvest our lessons from it.

This is how our perspective should be regarding the cold times in our life, when our circumstances or heart appears on the verge of death that He is Al Hayy, He gives life again to barren earth through beneficial rains and brings out spring again after the fall and withering cold.

We should try to sense the serenity it has brought in form of deep lessons and the reminder that it is just a season and it shall pass, the spring will come again and this cold will make you feel and relish the beauty of spring to unprecedented levels, till then cherish it as well.


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