Know Allah through His beautiful attributes

The purpose of Ramadan is to attain taqwa, i.e., consciousness of Allah, being mindful of Allah ta’aala. In order to be mindful of Allah subhaanahu ta’aala, we need to know Him through His beautiful attributes (Al asmaa ul husna).
Please share the khair in this blessed month of Ramadan. You never know who might be in dire need of knowing Him through His beautiful names.

This is the free app on Al asmaa ul husna, available in both English and Urdu languages with no ads to distract, written with detailed descriptions
with regards to the current reality addressesing the commonly unreciprocated answers. For example when Allah is
Ar-Razzaq – The All Provider then where is the rizq (provision) of the people living in countries like Somalia?

When Allah is Al-Mujeeb then why my duas are not answered as it is?

Please download this app, may Allah As Sami, Al ‘Aleem accept it from us. Ameen.

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