Karnatka hijab row

“My hijab, my choice” is actually the wrong voice!
Hijab is not a choice but an obligation from Rabbul aalaameen –
Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem.

(for reference you can see surah Noor ayat 31 and surah Ahzab ayat 59)

Ah! But you want to “liberate” the one who is already liberated by the set, shallow beauty standards of the capitalist society.
She doesn’t fit in to your narratives of “fair and lovely”, she knows her worth is measured by the obedience she carries to The Almighty.
She knows she is not a “Loreal product to be worth it!”
She knows that it is easy to expose it all but it takes a whole lot of courage to fight against the tide and conceal it all for HIS sake alone with all might!

You say let’s make education centers secular in spirit by banning hijab and saffron shawls which the Hindutva goons wore in protest of it, even you know well hijab is an obligation, your saffron shawl isn’t. If you want to ban the religious symbols then will you go for female teachers wearing bindis, mangalsutra, sindoors and sikhs wearing turbans as well and stopping celebrations of festivals like onam inside college premises?
No, you won’t do it, it is only for Muslims that you go with all such filth and venom!

Ah! And what about the chants of “Jai Shree Ram” in Parliament in full screams?

What about the caste and religion based politics played in the country day and night?

What about the saffron chaugha (a kind of dress) attire your UP chief minister Yogi wears in public everytime?Secularism?

Take note – Muslim women are not compelled by any “he or she or it” to do the hijab, it is an obligation by Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala which she observes, because she knows her purpose of life is to submit to Allah’s will.

No one compels her to wear hijab but the “system for the people” compels her to wear it off, by compulsion!

We trust – Allah is Al Azeem, Allah is Al Akbar despite all your evil traps and propagandas to malign and defame for your selfish, political and capitalist gains!

It is not only a headscarf or azaan or beard that triggers like a thorn, it is our proclamation to the monotheistic kalimah – la ilaha illallah, Muhammad ur RasoolAllah!

AND to those who say that Hindutva goons who entered into the school and harassed the female Muslim wearing hijab is a sign of misogyny and patriarchy, should know that even the girls of Hindutva wore the saffron shawls and it is not patriarchy or bad upbringing only, but mainly the systematic hatred instilled into the minds of innumerable many!

To those Muslims who say that hijab is “our constitutional right”, please don’t use this voice as the constitution is bound to change with amendments in it that happen overnight. Examples are many to cite – CAA/NRC Triple Talaq bill are acts passed constitutionally, Uniform Civil Code type bills are next in the pipeline!
You never know when they will pass a bill banning the hijab and then you will find yourself as perplexed for raising this constitutional right slogan everywhere! Then, you will be asked then in the primetimes – “Law above or your religion?”
They will label you as “anti nationals” in their shows to gain TRPs (target rating points).

Be wise, understand the underlying lies, realize that this is all state sponsored hatred to mobilize against us, against our existence by considering us as termites!

Islamophobia is at rise,
Your voice should be right, to say ‘my hijab, my choice’ is a wrong voice, as it is an obligation from the all-knowing and all-wise. You might even lose the rewards of hereafter as you had labelled and reduced the obligation as a mere personal choice!

To the liberals who say freedom should be the voice,

Then listen folks, absolute freedom is a myth and the lines are always laid down by the majority to decide!

John Stuart Mill, one of liberal philosopher has said, that societal pressures are more dangerous than laws, and we can see this in the case of the ‘stay at home moms’, where they always justify that they have prioritised to stay at home by their own will, but they are always considered as sacrificial goats who are compelled to do so by misogynists!

Same we see when Muslim women wear Hijab, they are always identified as oppressed and victims of patriarchal curse!

Liberal society with slogans of freedom is filth, they insult Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the name of freedom of speech and expression, whereas have fined and imprisoned their own French comedian M’ Bala on the drawings which were considered as anti semites!

Islamophobia is global, even Muslim majority countries are victims of it. People cite the then President of Egypt -Jamel Abdul Nasser mocking the hijab publicly, well he himself was a big Islamophobe and a puppet, a dictator!

Point to be noted – Muslim countries are not the criteria for us to decide, Islam is the criterion!

Had the Muslim countries been ruling by Islam, they would not have abandoned the suffering ummah worldwide just for the sake of their own national benefits!

Look at Pakistan, it doesn’t even acknowledge the sufferings and the ongoing horrible persecution of Xinjiang muslims, just because it has good relationships with China for its national benefits!

This is not Islam, this is because of absence of Islam!

We have around 50 Muslim nations but no one to speak for the sufferings of muslims worldwide, they all are like froth of the sea taken away even with a gentle breeze!

Sadly! We have become like a herd of she with no shepherd to lead!

The global events have back to back unveiled the reality of Islamophobes, puppets hidden even in our own slves!

Allah is Al Azeem,
Allah is Al Aleem, All Knowing of all their schemes, you might suffer in your struggles in this world, but this had been the case always for the believers, they were mocked and belied by the Pharaohs of their times.
Don’t lose heart nor despair, you are being in the watchful eyes of Ash Shaheed, Al Adl – Who Himself is The Witness and Who Himself is The Judge!

“Our hijab is Allah’s obligation upon us to imbibe” is the right slogan to carry against the tyrant tides.

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