Geese and the lessons they teach

I see this beautiful flock of birds (geese) daily in the morning, going and then returning back in the evening. Alhamdulillah, got the chance finally to capture them through my cell camera and share my reflections on them with you.

– It appears as if they go daily to find Allah Ar Razzaq’s sustenance (rizq).

– I admire how they go in flocks together, with a V formation always. It surely helps them against the wind resistance, but after doing a bit of research, I found out that in addition to that, it helps them to keep an eye on each other as well.

– I noticed that Geese make a peculiar sound while flying.
I got to know that the ones at the back honk to encourage those in the front to keep up their speed. SubhanAllah!
Many lessons to be learnt from them –

– They all make efforts to search for Allah’s rizq.

– They go in a V-shape formation together, to minimize the wind resistance – the leader in the front highlighting the importance of a leader. We as muslims are advised to appoint a leader even while travelling, imagine how much we direly need a just and peaceful leader on a systematic level for our just and peaceful functioning without any kind of resistance from the oppressors.

– If someone deviates  for sometime from the flock, the deviated one feels the grave resistance of wind and comes back to the flock to have the smooth flight.
There is khair (goodness) in the collective, team work!

– If a bird falls sick and deviates, the two others follow the sick and deviated one to catch it up on the trail and welfare and then make all of them again re-unite.

– The one who is in the front faces the most resistance, but it gives another a turn if it gets tired and exhausted. Accept when you are exhausted and give another opportunity to lead as well, create more leaders.

The point to be noted here is that those who are behind honk and they do so to keep the upfront ones going with speed, a sort of motivation.

SubhanAllah! Even if we are slow and lag behind, then atleast we can motivate the leaders to fly higher and we can look after the others who are weak and frail. Even being behind, you can do a lot of work which can be better and wise.

Either be a leader or even if you don’t and remain behind, then do the wise thing and don’t compromise thinking that you are weak and one of the good for nothing types.

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