Eid ul Adha reminds us of Hajar a.s – her firm tawakkul on Allah (swt), and along with tawakkul her actions/struggle from Mount Safa to Marwa,
her sincere trust along with the actions,
is chosen by Allah (swt) to an extent that it is even
one of the ritual of Umrah and Hajj.

Eid ul Adha reminds us about Ibrahim’s (a.s) and Ismail’s (a.s) sincerity, obedience, sacrifice and submission.

Every year we celebrate Eid to commemorate and remember these sacrifices and submission.

Every Eid we also pray that we attain a bit of such virtues.
But in reality we all know, when an azmaaish – a trial befalls upon us,
we are almost on the verge of falling into despair with no positive perspective.

Need to learn the lessons from our mother
Hajar a.s, our father Ibrahim a.s, our beloved Ismail a.s.

Need to pray that may Allah (swt) save us from heavy trials,
Need to learn to say Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik (O’ Allah! I am here at Your service) with all our heart and yaqeen even in times when we are under azmaaish.

May Allah (swt) make things easy for us.
May Allah (swt) accept it all from all of us.
Taqaballallahu minna wa’minkum.

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