Bedtime story with Isa

SubhanAllah as parents we try to narrate some bedtime stories to our kids in simplified way,
I too used to narrate from time to time but have noticed that alhamdulillah from past few weeks, we are quite consistent in narrating bed time stories to young Isa who is seven years old and have noticed a reasonable change in him as well,  alhamdulillah.

Last night,  I recorded  it the way it was, because I wanted to share it with Isa when he grew up but having constant reminders from friends, who too are parents mashaAllah, to keep on sharing something from time to time on parenting,  I have thought not to share it with them only but to share with you all,  may it help someone to start a step in building their relationship with their kids through bed time story telling, related to their age and relevant to their circumstances.

Please ignore the extraneous noise,  it is still summers here in India,  fan and a.c play their role well when it comes to recording something candidly.

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