Why not be like snails

Alhamdulillah! Allah Al-Khaaliq has created beautiful nature around us, and if we want we can reflect upon the lessons that are widespread around us.
Yes! Even a small snail can give us beautiful lessons.

We know the snail have its shell on its back, sometimes it appears that it is carrying a baggage with it which probably makes it even slow.

Yes! We too carry a baggage with us, on our backs – the emotional baggages, sometimes in the form of mistakes, regrets, the ignorance, the betrayals, everything we have endured, we carry them all on our backs like heavy baggages, making us even slower like snail.

SubhanAllah! But when I saw this image captured by my younger one, I realised that sometimes, we tend to forget that the “baggage” we are carrying on our backs can be our protective shell too where we can protect ourselves from danger and potential threats. Like snails, when they feel any danger they protect themselves with their shell which they carry on their back, likewise we can protect ourselves from falling into the same deceptions by deriving the lessons from the past experiences which we often carry on our backs like baggages.

Why not turn them as protective shells?
Why not take all those negative experiences as a mercy from Allah Al-Hakeem (The Most Wise) Who has taught us our lessons so that we can stay vigilant afterwards and not get stung (deceived) from the same hole (tricks, techniques) again?

Why not be like snails, slow and vigilant, carrying its protective shell along with it?

Why not?

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