West is criticizing Russia for invasion in Ukraine. It seems the whole world is weeping and crying over Ukraine. Well! We all know how west has invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, its butcher role in Syria and Palestine and done proxy wars in Yemen but yeah that was all justified as it was being done all in the name of “liberation”. Russia is no innocent, we have well seen the barbaric role of Russia in Syria. They both have Muslim blood on their hands but the point I want to highlight is that “nationalism” is such a vague concept that people justify killings on the basis of it and West is the epitome of carrying out such genocides in the name of so called liberation by creating narratives and propagandas through mainstream to “liberate” the land which it is going to invade!!!! Now, when Russia is doing the same to protect its selfish national benefits and was fearing the western interferences through NATO and other provocations then the same “nationalists” started shedding tears on the innocents civilians. When in Ukraine people are fighting the Russians then they are termed as heroes and when the oppressed civilians in occupied Palestinian or other occupied country does the same then they are termed as “terrorists”, see how they de- sensitise the world for the selective sufferings!!!!

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