Though I should be immune by now

Though I should be immune by now not to be amazed because we can expect any bizarre sort of stuff!  SubhanAllah, But I was amazed,  amazed to see the news anchors “shocked”, “amazed” and “disheartened” and are considering it as a “slap on the face of democracy” when a shiv sena member who is the Member of Parliament as well has beaten the Air India Officer 25 times, and he didn’t even regret it later and in fact he was boasting about it later on the television when interviewed. 
Obviously! It is an immoral, unscrupulous act but media being amazed that people like him are the lawmakers is what amazed me, you know why because – 
-According to a recent analysis of 541 of the 543 lawmakers by India’s Association for Democratic Reforms, the country’s new parliament has 186 members (about 34 percent) facing criminal cases. The group’s previous reports show that the number has steadily risen since 2004.Even more troubling, most of these charges are for what the association classifies as serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping and crimes against women. 

It is the analysis published in the huff post. 

On a different note, I believe this is the best time to carry out the research on Media,  a lot of interesting loopholes they give to look and write upon. 


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