The vulnerable

The main accused Brijesh Thakur, used to get huge grants from government itself for his three newspaper business, when he was arrested he was smiling, may be because he knew well the babus will protect him along the lines.

Minister Nitish Kumar didn’t sack his Social Welfare Minister, whose own husband is also an accused in the mass rapes and sexual scandal of poor girls in Muzaffarpur, he didn’t sack her, instead he shared today the stage with her.

And what else can we expect from them?

From top to bottom all share this in common.

It shouldn’t surprise us in the least bit, I think.

At first place, it should have been checked before the huge mishap.
Even after the gruesome, monstrous happening,
Had they taken a progressive step, then it would have been astounding as it is hard to have such basic expectations from them

Right under the nose of the system the mass rapes were happening, but who cares?

After all, we are living in a place where you can rape and then publish the video shoot of it, a place where you can have rallies in favour of the rapists.

Oh Ya! I forgot to tell.
The care is there.
There was a huge political protest on Jantar Mantar regarding this, oppositions united and there were big speeches.

But the resultant?

Tomorrow there will be a rapist, laughing at the weak judiciary.

The all in all point is that the left, right, centre all are doing nothing when it comes to the main issues like security, when it comes to the basic necessities, the basic right to live peacefully.

For protests, All the best!
I will not belittle any protest, obviously you never know what may ignite to the fire that will engulf the injustice happening every now and then,
with women, men and minorities and almost all to mention.

Yes, all!
Making the majority wear the lens and perspective of hatred in the name of “greater good” is also a huge loss and suffering which they perhaps realise not, and will realise when it will burn their own homes.

Yes, “Beti bachao” slogan should be taken very seriously

Meanwhile, we as Muslims have to take care of our Betey as well and not only betis, because you see, you never know which day in gau matas name, they will be lynched to death in broad daylight, with smiles on their face like that evil Brijesh, who knows well whose support he has and how much the judiciary has already collapsed.

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