The Two Myths

In the light of the recent incident whose news link I have attached in this post. I want to share some thoughts.

The right to Freedom of Speech and Expression is something that overstate the “system for the people” very often.

Indeed the freedom of speech and expression is there but only when it is to incite the violence, hatred speeches and insult the God and Prophets (peace be upon them all).

There is no freedom of speech and expression when it comes to accounting the evils of rulers and stand with the sidelined, you can clearly see the

There is indeed a clear discrimination when it comes to freedom to express the apparent beliefs in eating and dressing with religious context.
So, what freedom then?

Freedom of speech and expression is actually not free when it comes to express many things in reality, but it is all free when it comes to derogations and hatred speeches to incite bad blood among communities.

Freedom of speech and expression in its entirety doesnot exist and we should indeed strive not for this hypothetical and hypocritical concept of freedom of speech and expression, instead we should strive for *fairness in speech and expression* which insults not the God and Prophets, which incite not the bad blood among communities which doesn’t discriminates the justice on the basis of religion
and creed.

Incidents like this also highlights how futile is this concept of secularism is – Actually Secularism is another myth which many of us don’t want to dismiss and want to live in the bubble of it.

Religion and Politics are inseparable.

Religion makes one capable enough to ensure justice to all irrespective of the diversities.

If one thinks religion is so bad that one should not talk and practise about it in public spheres and it should be bounded and confined only to one’s home then sorry to say, they have no confidence upon their religion to be capable enough to provide justice in public and that’s why one want to sideline it, which the politicians even then will not allow to do so and will always make a fuss to misuse religion to incite the communities, as this is the convenient way to get away from the main muddas and issues of the country.

Yes, I know the clergies and the scholars have misused the religion to great levels and thus the concept of secularism comes into effect of separating the state and religion but secularism doesn’t exist in reality, not even in the country which considers itself as secular, infact the whole political wheel is spinning upon the misuse of religion and turning hostile one against the others, some parties do it openly others secretly, this is the only difference and those who misuse it have only one religion – capitalism, their kalima, their nucleus is – their own selfish benefits.

Secularism doesnot exist and can never exist in entirety.

Infact, religion is a good means to make people fear that they have to deliver justice, they are compelled to do so, even if they are not very much inclined by their desires and wishes to do it.

We should not strive for secularism, because one cannot attain it by being something in home and something else in public, it is not pragmatic.

One should strive for being religious and should strive for it as religion makes one to be capable enough to coexist with justice as the highest parameter for everybody irrespective of the diversities.

All in all point is Freedom of speech and expression and Secularism both are myths.

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