The ship that reminded of the beautiful analogy

SubhanAllah! Around this time, last year, we went to visit Harbourfront. While flipping the captured images, I came across this pic, and it reminded me of this beautiful hadees.

An-Nu‘mān ibn Bashīr (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) say: “The example of the one who abides by the limits prescribed by Allah and the one who transgresses them is like the example of a people who boarded a ship after casting lots. Some of them were in its lower deck and others were in its upper deck. When those in the lower deck needed water, they had to go up and pass by those above them. So they said: ‘If we could make a hole in our share of the ship, so that we would not bother those above us.’ If those in the upper deck leave them do as they wish, they will all perish, but if they stop them, they will all survive.”

SubhanAllah! What a beautiful analogy of society, being in the same ship and stopping people from doing munkar (bad) which they consider as khair (good), like the lower deck people thought of when they planned of not bothering the upper deck people (khair according to them) and drilling a hole instead in the lower deck!

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