The open window and Sirius

SubhanAllah! My window was closed, and when I opened it,
I witnessed the beautiful, shining bright star in the sky.
Upon checking through the app Sky Map, it was confirmed that it is Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky mashaAllah!

SubhanAllah! Sometimes, what is required is just to open the closed window (restricted perspective) to witness the beautiful, brightest shining star in the dark sky (hard times).

I was wondering that it is also indeed an immense blessing from Allah Al Wahhaab to be able to open the window curtains at the right time, right place, and to see the brightest star shining up above!

Similarly! It is indeed Allah’s immense blessing to have the perspective as per Islam, getting the right exposure in the dark hour, and if Allah has blessed us with that, then it is our responsibility that we should testify and help others who were unable to open their closed windows (restricted perspective at the right time) to know that there is the brightest side above!

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