The khutbah

Yesterday in masjid, in juma khutbah, the khateeb addressed the recent unnao rape case where the victim’s father was arrested and got killed in police custody and Asifa’s case of brutal, wicked, ruthless, heinous, nefarious rape case followed then by her murder.

The khateeb told how the father of Asifa said that we trust Allah swt and our case will be in His court and justice is what we await there.

This was so emotional that even the khateeb’s voice was in tears and majority of us, in women section, were literally all in tears.

Now, what I want to say is that – the statement of the father highlights the emaan (faith) even in such hard times, it doesn’t require you to be high in knowledge of Deen, the emaan is such a beautiful blessing that even poors, the ones who are no experts in Deen like scholars, are also blessed with it. Alhamdulillah.
May Allah swt bless the family with sabr e jameel.

Second thing, the statement highlights that they have no faith in judicial system for justice and that is why they have left the matter to get justice in reality, in its entirety in His court.



Indeed it is true that we cannot ask and demand justice from the ones who are the cause of the oppression, and it will be sheer foolishness. But to be on streets, having an impact on social media and trying to punish the culprits and being vocal about the hypocrisy will show that we are not dead, not corpse and know to resist to some levels.

May Allah swt bless us with His shade and guide us to Sirat Al mustaqeem and the way to bring Peace by delivering the Justice.


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