The extraordinary narrative of an ordinary man

“My name is Asghar.
I sell this paas paas, other mouth freshners and even ghutkha and paan supari.
Interestingly, if you will see on every packet of ghutkha, it is written with a warning that it is injurious to health but then too people buy it and it is not banned by government either.

Yes! I do efforts and earn my living despite my being physically challenged.

One may ponder why I don’t beg.

It is for simple reason, I have been cultured to earn by efforts.

Thank God,
I have an understanding wife.

If you ask me, whether I have some complaints to Allah regarding being a physically challenged one in this weird world, then I will not say no I don’t have, because I am a human,
and I do sometimes complain to Him,
but then I find solace, perhaps by putting forward my concerns to Him straightforwardly as it is.

I find solace in the belief that – this world is temporary and the best of people were and are always tested!”

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