The Earthquake 

From innocents being lynched to death to rapes!

From selective mourning of cases like Jyoti (Nirbhaya) to being numb on the case of a Muslim woman raped by a man in uniform in train!
Atrocious acts like firing of Pellet guns, being tied to the Jeep as human shield to other mischiefs, the beating of dalits to making of many Rohit Vemula’s in the list!


On all such acts, the heart enquired whether it shivered, shook or was it all relieved on such horrible tremors happening around us on daily basis?

Or have we become accustomed to them?
The heart was enquiring it all, when suddenly there was news of earthquake being in the zone.

From deep below it hit –


Some believe it only as the movements of Tectonic plates, others believe in it are the signs as well from Him to reflect!

Interestingly! Whenever earthquake occurs, we all ask each other’s welfare and feel relieved if no harm has touched the near ones.

But how often we react upon the everyday *heart shaking*incidents happening around us?

How often after taking welfare of our loved ones from the tremors of earthquake we reflect upon the temporary nature of this world and about that Big Tremor, which will bring end to this world and will take us to His court for all our deeds and actions, for even those moments when *heart quaking* incidents were happening around us and nothing happened to us as humans!
May we reflect!

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