The balance between fear and hope

Today, in juma khutbah the khateeb reminded that we should be in the state of fear and hope.
There should be a balance of fear and hope, if we will have only hope from Allah swt that He is Al Ghafoor and will forgive the sins then we will often sin deliberately and if we will have only fear of Allah swt then too we will lose the balance as we will not have good opinions about Allah swt.

SubhanAllah! This reminder resonated with me a lot.
Perhaps, because I myself is a very strong critic of my own personality, and often I find hard to forgive myself easily after finding myself guilty even on small things in the introspection process done in solitude.

Alhamdulillah, for the reminders they do benefit the believers.

The image is taken just outside the masjid, the image is also symbolic.

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