Such a world

He was lynched to death because of his identity.
He was set ablaze because he refused to chant the slogan which
was imposed upon him through force by the hatred mongering mob.

She was told, she is getting empowerment by triple talaq bill, by sending her man to the prison for three years to provide for her from therein, for the crime of giving the talaq which as per court has not happened, but the man will be sentenced for it!

If you think only muslims are being targetted specifically, then you are right in your thinking!

BUT the reality is that the ones you think as “mesihaas” are actually the ones who have no interests in your well being in the least bit!

And to add to your surprise, the oppression doesn’t surround only us, look around the hard working, yet deprived farmers, the rate of female foeticide, infanticides, the unemployment rate so high, and the corruption in everything that surrounds you from every left and right!

Did you just read the tragic news, how a girl was hit by truck and termed as an accident just because she was brave enough to report her rape done by the ruling elites?

Ah! Such a world.
But yes, just another day and things will be soon forgotten atleast till there will be a new news to add to horrors which the parturition of hatred has deployed – Zulm is the result and it has systematically swayed all but many still rejoice it because they think that “muslims, the qaum of terrorists” are getting tackled through all this!
The new amendment in the law is that state can label anyone a “terrorist” and the onus lies on the individual to prove he is not in this category!
Saying this all, doesn’t mean that things were rosy before some years ago, it was bad then too, innocents captured, put to jails for crimes they committed not, released after years and their world was not then their own, parents have died, community has forsaken the ties, a different world for them to cope which is all cold!

Our state is such we are dwindling between evils – bigger or lesser.

But the win through majority this time has clearly shown that the general public has got away with the narrative they have intertwined!

Khauf paida karke ek khaas tareeqe ki nafrat!

Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel!

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