Should not be a feminist issue

Safety, security and women issues, I wonder why they are considered as feminist’s theme to view?
Feminist, don’t have a monopoly to speak only about this.
And those who speak and stand for women’s right should not necessarily be considered as a feminist!

I believe one can bravely stand for rights of women and their issues and for justice even without being a feminist and one should understand that critising their ideology doesn’t mean critising or underlining the women struggle or the need of it. Criticising them means criticising the feminist sexist ideology.
It is indeed true that women and infact men too, be they of any community needs liberation from the rampant social injustice.

Take for example – the domestic violence, When you think about victims of domestic violence, the first image that comes to mind is always of a woman with a black eye or bruises.
You know?
About two in five of all victims of domestic violence are men, contradicting the widespread impression that it is almost always women who are left battered and bruised.
(The Guardian, SEP 4 – 2004).

Kimberly Taylor is the president of the Alliance for Family Wellness, an agency that provides prevention and intervention services for those impacted by intimate partner abuse, and is the author of Exposing the Abusive Female. She says she wrote the book after spending a decade working with batterer treatment groups at a domestic violence agency where women were among those participating.

Injustice is Injustice irrespective of any gender interferences.

Having said that in brief, I personally believe somewhere that perhaps more than men, it is woman who oppress another woman in different contexts severely.

Dont we hear the much hearsay, gossips, backbiting from women about other women so frequently?

Don’t we hear the cases where the bahus are beaten and abused by her mother in law or sister in laws, and if not physically abused, they are often abused mentally and emotionally by comments and taunts by women of the same household?

“beta, bhai Shadi k baad chinn gaya”

“Bahu ne to jaise jaadu kardia”

“Joru Ka ghulaam”

And the list is long!
I fear, if I will start mentioning it all based on my experiences where I have met such victims then may be I may be categorised as a sexist one too who is inclined towards breaking “matriarchy”.


All in all point.
Yes women needs justice, infact every one irrespective of their gender deserves justice.

Peace 🙂

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