Secularism doesn’t exist in practicality! 
We see people with all their religious signs and symbols and attires in almost every government offices even with idols and murtis and in other religious cases as well. 
So, yes secularism which when defined keeping religion separate from politics is actually a bogus statement as it is only a rhetoric and doesn’t exist in practicality. 
Yes, let that sink in. 
It cannot happen that you carry a thought or emotion at your home and when you are out or you are in politics you just sideline it.
Politics is not bad, but these days because of corruption and exploitation of people through it, politics is considered as synonymous to negative. 

Politics means to take care of the affairs of people and their security and atleast of their basic needs irrespective of their religion, caste, colour and creed. 
Capitalism as a system has indeed brought many harm to the humans who are continously exploited in the name of “greater good for the nation”  or are misused in the name of religion as a tool further reduced to as polarisation of vote banks all this only to harvest the selfish benefits of the ruling elites who have no allegiance to anything other than their own selfish, individual benefits to imbibe. 
And yes those who say humanity is above religion. Please understand this, this statement is not true – Religion came from God to direct human beings to worship Him alone and fear not the powerful in issues of Justice. Religion obliges the humans to stand against evil and to enjoin good and forbid evil. 
The problem with us today is that we take the antonym, opposite of secular as communal. Yeah! That’s true and I agree that corrupt people by and large use religion to incite violence but that doesn’t mean we topple down the real meanings and right contexts and start being the trap of those corrupt, capitalistic, bull shit views. 

See, how those who believe in Him are commanded – 

“O ye who believe! Be ye staunch in justice, witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourselves or (your) parents or (your) kindred, whether (the case be of) a rich man or a poor man, for Allah is nearer unto both (them ye are). So follow not passion lest ye lapse (from truth) and if ye lapse or fall away, then lo! Allah is ever Informed of what ye do.”
Holy Quran, surah nisa ayat 135.
“Ye are the best community that hath been raised up for mankind. Ye enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency; and ye believe in Allah. And if the People of the Scripture had believed it had been better for them. Some of them are believers; but most of them are evil-livers.”

Holy Quran surah imran ayat no 110
And the list is long of narratives how the Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon them all) were the flag bearers of Justice and Haqq.
Being religious means being more responsible towards enjoining good and forbidding evil as the ones who believe and submits to Him knows well that he/she will be accountable for the wrongs and injustice happening around in the society. 
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel.

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