Perfect yourself first, do not backbite rulers

Allah swt has asked us not to backbite each other (not to do gheebat), to have the forgiving attitude and husn ad Dhan (benefit of doubt), to have positive approach towards each other, and forgiving attitude towards each other, our relatives,  friends and other individuals and have good relationships maintained AND Allah swt has ordained speaking haqq to a tyrant ruler as jihad (one can refer to hadees for this as daleel) 


what we did, we started forgiving and giving husn ad Dhan (benefit of doubt)  to tyrant rulers and we have cut and forsaken the ties of kinship and friendship on individual levels. 
He swt has praised us for being the best of people evolved for mankind as we enjoin good, forbid evil and believe in Allah swt

 (in Holy Quran) 

We are praised upon this by The Lord of the worlds and all that exists BUT what we did, we have started the escapist approach “Perfect yourself first then criticise the tyrant rulers” 

If the people are dying and getting tortured because of tyranny of rulers then how can we sit idle, thinking about “perfection” which obviously,  we being humans cannot achieve. 
The commands we are applying are getting  misapplied by us,  upside down and so is our situation is, upside down. 
Ya Rabb!  Guide us to Siratal mustaqeem.
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel.

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