No, Allah will not come to save us

The question itself shows the level of hatred and deep Islamophobia embedded, which was instilled systematically by the mainstream media.

To the cop who asked this question, let me answer you. “No, Allah swt will not come to save us, it is us who have to rise and resist all oppression, and it is the command of Allah swt and in it lies our tests heavily. Allah swt will not come, but yes His Judgement will surely come even if we fail in the tests of helping the oppressed ones and even if the oppressors will transgress beyond words, His judgement will surely come in akhirah, a test it is for you the oppressors as to how far you go, and a test for those who are supposed to stop it as per their capabilities, how much they cooperate to cease it.”

Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel!

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