Nicki Minaj in Saudi Arab

News – Nicki Minaj to headline music festival in Saudi Arabia, the female rapper is known for her outlandish, provocative style and hits like Anaconda, where she raps about her “big fat” backside. Her lyrics are often laced with profanities and her skin-baring music videos often include twerking.

Comment – So much objectification of women and nudity is propagated in the land of tawheed and people are still defending every thing the rulers are doing there, even killing of Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents close to the crown prince in the kingdom’s consulate in Turkey was considered as necessary by many.

The mute reactions of Saudi ruler on Muslim atrocities and their no take even in form of mere words upon it are all seen as “wisdom” and “demand of the time” by many.

Interestingly, when we, the common people, criticise such tyrant rulers we are advised by fellow muslims not to do “gheebat” and see on how much charity they have been doing since and we are advised not to criticise the rulers as it is against the ethics of Islam, perhaps they need to be reminded of the hadees which says – “The best jihad is the word of truth in front of a tyrant ruler.”

But the blind following and the way they defend their tyrant rulers is beyond words.

Taghoot rulers in the land of tawheed are ruling by taghoot and their blind followers leave no stone unturned to compel everyone to follow the rulers as it is a command of Islam to follow the rulers and not to rebel!

Hadh hai waqai!

Hasbunallahu wanimal Wakeel!

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