Messiahs of Muslim women

Where are those who appeared and were highly portrayed as liberators, as messiahs of Muslim women in case of instant triple talaq issue?

Yes! As expected among from them are the perpetrators of the recent unnao rape case and the heartbreaking 8 year old Asifa’s case of rape and murder.
And they are defending the criminals with silence and with their voices as well.

Well! That is what I was saying since day one of triple talaq issue raised by them, that the ones who are oppressors in every bit of their skin and skull cannot be the well wishers in the least bit.
They are doing it to have their own selfish political benefits.

Apni aurto ke hi nahi ye khairkhwaah ap Muslim aurto ke messiah banane ki muhim mein jaa miley?

Now have a read –

From huffpost, a report by Charlotte Alfred –

According to a recent analysis of 541 of the 543 lawmakers by India’s Association for Democratic Reforms, the country’s new parliament has 186 members (about 34 percent) facing criminal cases. The group’s previous reports show that the number has steadily risen since 2004
Even more troubling, most of these charges are for what the association classifies as serious crimes, including murder, kidnapping and crimes against women. In the 2014 parliament, 112 members face such charges, including nine accused in murder cases and 17 in attempted murder cases.

Some Indian politicians defend these staggering numbers by claiming they are the target of politicized charges and pointing out that they have not been convicted. Yet India’s ailing court system means that verdicts can be delayed years and even decades, according to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, the association found that more of the candidates with criminal charges got elected (13 percent) than those with a clean record (5 percent). As elections get more expensive, candidates with criminal connections are attractive to political parties as they often have deep pockets, according to Milan Vaishnav of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Vaishnav notes that voters in India sometimes prefer criminally-connected candidates who have a reputation for getting things done, offering protection, and using whatever means necessary to secure their community’s interests.

The point to note in this report is that it says –
“The group’s previous reports show that the number has steadily risen since 2004”
That means the criminals as lawmakers were present earlier as well!

The system for the people is against its own people.

And the irony is that the secular nation is a master in gaining its benefits of vote by polarising on religion and caste basis.

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