Lesson as an archer

I was wondering about this proverb and
I realised that we all are archers somewhere in our lives, we have to shoot and let our arrow strike the right point in the ups and downs of life BUT sadly not all archers among us love the bow that remains constant in hands but generally we love the arrows getting straight to the point or to the target. We need to understand that an arrow which flies and hit the target should be admired BUT the bow which remains in hand should not be sidelined, generally we appreciate things which we see apparently going and hitting and doing the intended job BUT often we forget that behind that apparent is much hidden or unnoticed or not celebrated people/things which makes the apparent by His will looks amazing and admirable.
We should celebrate the accuracy and sharpness of arrows but we should not forget the bows, things in hand should not be belittled just because they are in hand.

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