Know your enemy well

In surah baqrah ayat no 168 Allah swt has clearly warned us about our biggest and avowed enemy – Shaitan. And in the next ayat Allah swt tells us about his nature that he commands what is evil and shameful and that we say of God of which we have no knowledge.

AllahuAkbar! How many times, it has happened we say things about Allah swt of which we have no knowledge?

When we suffer, we fall into despair, thinking all negative things and even fail to have positive and good opinions and hopes from Him.
When we are blessed, we don’t appreciate the blessings and are not grateful even, and we sometimes even feel like we deserve it all.

Be it good or bad, we often times say and speak about Allah swt about which we have no knowledge, some of us even say that when He (swt)loves more than seventy mothers then why He (swt) allow us to suffer?

We – being His creation should not speak about Him of which we have no knowledge, and if we do so then it is from shaitan, it is a waswasa, from our avowed enemy.

Allah swt is Al Aleem – All Knowing and He is Al Hakeem – The All Wise.
He knows it all and His wisdom knows best what is best for us, even if it doesn’t seem good to us apparently.

We should have good opinions about Him and should fear from speaking of something which may be the well knitted plot of Shaitan.

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