India’s daughter

India’s daughter?

As if India is very considerate towards its daughters?

The only thing perhaps common people who are still in some senses are saying it so, is because they are outrageous over the support the perverted criminals are getting in the Asifa’s rape case and murder case, perhaps this made them feel like she is India’s daughter too.

I respect those emotions, as behind it are the good emotions of common people from different spheres.

But on another note –

India’s daughter?

India is very bad with its daughters, the female foeticide – the first horror, if saved from it then female infanticide, if saved from it then abuses, rapes, body trafficking, prostitution, and if saved and got married then dowry deaths!!!

The statistics for it are scary.

The cops even exploits the prostitutes (who are already exploited ones)
The men in uniforms carry atrocious crimes to women when there are state sponsored riots.

The men in uniforms are the ones who carry the horrors of Kunan Poshpora.
(In brief can be read about it here )

And the men in uniforms are the ones who were involved in Asifa’s horrible case.

So, nodoubt the emotions of common general masses are good, claiming Asifa as India’s daughter, but India is bad in treating its own daughters and is guilty of exploiting the daughters upon places it has its control upon.

So, *being India’s daughter* is actually degrading and dishonouring!

From a woman,
who lives in Delhi – The Capital of India, now also known as rape capital of India.

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