How does it feel

Every day –
SOS this, SOS that,
We are dwindling in between such alerts!
How does it feel to wake up to horrible scenes?
How does it feel to see all this and not able to sleep?
How does it feel to feel it all?
How does it feel to realise that others feel it not at all?
How does it feel to see how we are betrayed systematically by all?
How does it feel to see the oppressed, painted as oppressors and bound to suffer such atrocities?
How does it feel to feel suffocated?
How does it feel to feel like good for nothing?
How does it feel, seeing our own people abandoning their owns under the disguise of wisdom and hikmat?
How does it feel seeing the right wingers hating the Muslims and left hating the Islam and by and large Muslims suffering from identity crisis?

How does it feel to see sheeps all around with no shepherd to lead? And the ones who tried or are trying to be shepherds are nothing less than jackals in the skin of well wishers?

How does it feel?

Did you feel it, the way I feel it, we feel it?


Such lack of empathy, lack of understanding is the
haiwaaniyat, the naawaazish of the Islamophobic system, you and me are living in.

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel!

1 thought on “How does it feel”

  1. I feel the same every day, everymoment ,
    ek chingari dabi dabi si
    jis se saara Islami wajood jal raha ho
    kash ke koi maseeha aaye ,
    Hamere andar shaoor jage
    hum apni asliyat ko pehchane,
    hamein leftist aur rightwing ki taraf apne bachao ke liye na dekhna pade,
    Hamare paas to sab kuch hai
    Hamari nazar sirat e mustaqeem se hati hui hai,
    Hamarepaas hamara apna dastoor QURAAN hai,bas uspar nazar jama ke rakhne ki zaroorat hai yakheen ke saath ,baqi to sab Allah ka kaam hai

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