Alhamdulillah, again little Isa from masjid brought these beautiful flowers for all in the family.

When he placed them gracefully on my hands, it was all smiles.

Flowers are amazing.
A single glance bring smiles, beautiful lessons they carry and we should imbibe.

For instance –
A sunflower teaches us to face the sun – the light, even if that requires changing the direction then too it should be done.

A lotus teaches us to bloom even when the circumstances around is foul and damp muddy, and deprived.

The wildflowers teaches us to thrive and flourish even in circumstances where no one is looking and watering them to prosper, or increase.

The flowers that grow from the surface of tough rocks, teaches us that even on hard surfaces beautiful things grow and thus we should not give up wholly with tough people, tough circumstances, may be someday they may be able to blossom a flower on their surface too.

A rose teaches us to understand that though there are thorns but that is only for protection and as a weapon to protect the delicate and beautiful flower from harms.
It teaches us that having thorns is not scary and to be gloomy about, they should be seen as a defence, in case of rose they are defence from external harms but in case of life the thorns (hard issues) we come across actually becomes our own defence as they are the means through which we learn and unlearn a lot of stuff, enabling us to activate our defence system, which without thorns would have been an difficult job almost next to impossible.

The flowers, they all are not fragrant but they all are beautiful.

Similarly, we all have different qualities, it is not necessary that we all should be fragrant enough, even the graceful blooming of simple flowers wherever they are planted is aesthetic in many cases.

Imagine! If we only had only one particular flower, all similar and nothing else different in their species, how monotonous it would be?

Being different is beautiful.
Similarly, Having different skills is necessary.

The beauty for some can be a red rose, to another it may a wildflower who gave them an inspiration, an aesthetic sense and that may be a definition of beauty for them in truest sense.

To think and generalise the definition of beauty as red rose only will be injustice to the beauty itself, may be.

The white lilies, may be a source of peace and serenity for many and this may be another definition of beauty.

Appealing to eyes is not beauty always, for some appealing to heart and giving them a piece of peace is also a beauty in lines.

Interestingly, Flowers, most of them come from soil and dirt, then too they are too beautiful that they don’t allow the dirt as an excuse not to flourish.

I wish I had more knowledge about flowers, little I know about these beautiful creation.

The flowers, Isa has handed me over are sweet alyssum, they are low maintenance and they are known to have
wonderful spreading habit, you’ll notice they have the ability to soften the harsh, straight edges along a sidewalk or driveway.

Beautiful, isn’t it?
We should be low maintenance in this world, low on materialism and we should be easy going, easy to be widespread and covering the harsh, hard edges gracefully.

How beautiful it is on part of the flowers that even if they are plucked and crushed they leave their trace behind, sometimes in form of inspiration and sometimes in form of fragrance.

May we all flourish like flowers gracefully and may when we die or get crushed we leave a beautiful trail behind.


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