Fa’innaka rajeem

“Fa’innaka rajeem”

(For thou art rejected and accursed).

Surah hijr ayat no 34.

Allah swt said this to Iblis when he disobeyed Him and did not prostrate, reason being that he felt he was superior than man who was made up of mud, moulded into shape.

Arrogance made Iblis disobeyed Allah swt.

What is striking is the point that soon after the ayat in which Allah swt tells Iblis that he will be cursed one, Iblis said :
“O’ My Lord! Give me then respite
Till the Day
The dead are raised.”

And then the next ayat tells that Allah swt said – “Respite is grated thee.”

An act of defiance and disobedience to Allah swt’s command due to arrogance and this made him as a cursed and rejected one, but then too Allah swt answered Iblis’s plea for “the respite” to be given to him.

Arrogance has made Iblis so blind that not only he defied but he also blamed Allah swt for the wrong he has committed, he said that – “O’ my Lord!
Because Thou has put me in the wrong, I will make wrong fair seeming to them.”

Allah swt said –

Inna ‘ibaadee laisa laka ‘alaihim sultaanun illaa manittaba’aka minal ghaaween –
“For over My servants,
No authority shalt thou have, except such as put themselves in the wrong and follow thee.”


Points for us to contemplate.

– How arrogance made Iblis disobey Him

– How we are taught that Iblis is the Shaitan who is rajeem (the cursed and rejected one)

– And how gratifying it is that He (swt) has accepted the plea of respite even of the most cursed one

– How we are taught that it is the trait of Shaitan to play the blame games, as in this case he put the blame on God for his being wrong.
The word “aghwaitani” which was used by shaitan – (is translated as) – ” thrown me out of the way and put me wrong.”

– How we are taught that Iblis has made a vow that he will make fair seeming our wrongs and will deceive us.

– How we are blessed with the ease that no authority Iblis can have upon HIS servants, except those who put themselves in wrong and follow him deliberately.

Shaitan, is an open enemy to us, The Chief Deceiver.

Aur ye aqalmand logo ki nishaani nahi hoti ke wo baar baar Khabardaar Karne ke ba’ wajood apne sabse Khuley aur badey Dushman ko halke mein ley ley!


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